When People Label You….

Published: 25th May 2007
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How many times have you heard people telling you things like "You will be good as a Dj in a radio station, What you do should be shown on TV, You should be a model instead of being working here, you are a looser, you are good for nothing, etc." and the list goes on.

Well, these are only the opinions of other people, but how does this affect us.

How do you perceive yourself? What is that you want to do?

Most people get influenced by the labels that people put on us. They repeat it so much that we get to the point where we actually believe it. Then we go after it, and we ended up discovering that we weren't good at that, and we start getting frustrated.

We go through life waiting for other people to decide what should we do, be of have, by the labels they put on us. Is that really worth it?

Let me ask you...

If a person tells you that you will never be successful in life, but that person is broker than broke and has never done nothing in their life, will you believe what he is telling you?

Or viceversa, a very successful entrepreneur tells you that you are going to be the best and achieve all of your goals, will you believe it?

The answer lies within you. I can tell you how great you are and successful, but if you don't believe it, and you don't act upon it. Is it going to happen? Maybe not.

Let me share a quick story about a 9 year old kid.

One day in elementary school, one of the teachers call a 9 year old kid in front of the entire class. Once he was standing in front, he told the entire class "Take a good look a this kid right here. This guy is a perfect example of a looser. A person that will never achieve anything in his life, a person that might end up living homeless..."

How do you think that would have affected a 9 year old kid? Probably destroyed all of his goals and dreams, maybe the teacher was right, maybe he was wrong. That's just a label that he is putting in this little kid. Good thing that the 9 year old kid did not let other people's opinions and labels affect him.

How do I know that??

Well, that 9 year old kid was me.

That's right I was the little kid facing that whole crowd and had to put up with all the criticism and jokes.

But you know what? I'm the only one in that class that has 4 businesses, and growing.

Don't let other people's opinions affect you in any way shape or form, whether is a good opinion or a bad opinion. The best opinion is the one that you give yourself, and you act on it.

When people tell you "You are a looser" simply reply "I'm sorry you feel that way, thank you" if they tell you "You are awesome, you should be an instructor." Just tell them "Thank you, I'll keep that in mind."

Most importantly is how do you see yourself.

For a life full of abundance and prosperity,

Your Coach,

Jorge Fernandez de Cordova


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